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Related post: Date: Thu, 28 Jun illegal preteen sex 2001 00:09:46 -0700 (PDT) From: einhard Subject: Red eternityRED ETERNITY (M/M, oral, anal, s/f)by shocking preteens nude einhardPLEASE NOTE: This story is fiction from kinder preteen model beginning to end. The characters don't exist, and the things they do, never happened. Heathrow is not my favorite place. I don't like airports much at all, and the big ones are the worst. What I really hate, is having to trot around forever to get anywhere at all, like at Heathrow. No, small airports for me.Yet models nn preteens here I am, thinking little of airports and all the more of my destination. Madeira in January; a bit risky as far as the weather is concerned, but I had fallen so deeply in love with the island the art preteens previous year that kds sex preteens I had decided to risk a one week trip. "Insel des ewigen Fruhlings" he called it, Helmut from Cologne that I met there last year. Eternal spring. My prick stirs a little as I think of my nights with Helmut. Maybe I can meet another cute guy to give me a taste preteen cum pics preteen sexclips of spring? Hope springs eternal.Passing all these stupid shops that sell unnecessary stuff to international travellers, I spot him. Or I spot his back. And bum. What is it about a compact little male behind that's so exciting? He's ambling along at a leisurely pace, and I follow about fifteen feet behind. Wonder where he's going.He reaches his gate, finds a seat and sits down. Smooth, unhurried movements; feline. He pulls a magazine out of his bag and starts reading. I can see his narrow, somewhat bony face, thin, but preteen anal photos strong eyebrows and eyes like...Shit, he's wearing tinted glasses; I can't see the color horny preteens galleries of fre pics preteens his eyes. Blue tinted specs. Odd. But amelia preteen models there's something about him, something electric. Or magnetic or...something.I check the sign at the gate. Yess! He's on my flight. Pulse suddenly racing, I sit down to wait. I take out my book and try to read, but spend more time ogling him. He looks up, and we make eye contact. He preteen cute cute smiles, and I bounce up. Gotta have a smoke. Fuck! It's been three asian preteen photos gothic preteen models weeks since the last one, and I was well on my way to quitting. free porn preteen I still have some time, and walk quickly to the nearest smoking zone. A bar selling cigarettes at crazy prices. Who cares? I need something to relax me.After fifteen minutes and three cigarettes I feel calm enough to return to the gate. We'll be boarding soon.On the plane I preteen dressless models don't preteen masterbation pics see him. He's probably sitting far away. Just as well, I might get some sleep. Didn't have much of that last night. I'll try to pay some attention on the bus and find out which hotel he's at. I'm in church, watching the bbs preteen incest officiating priest. He's reciting the Lord's Prayer: "..forever and ever, Amen." Now it's Holy Communion: "This is my blood...." I receive the chalice, drinking deeply of petite preteen image the thick, warm red fluid... I wake up with a jerk, taking a few seconds to figure preteen cp videos out where I am. A glimpse of something blue up ahead. Somebody is holding a pair of blue glasses to the overhead light. Oh, shit, it's him. I get up and make my way to the toilets.At the airport I spot him again. adorable preteen model His shirt is hanging loosely preteen flashes her outside his trousers, making him look like a real tourist. A beach bum or something, although Madeira only has one beach. The glasses help. I step nervously around, my pulse at 120.During the bus trip into Funchal, the information from the guides escapes me completely. He's in the seat directly in front, so close I can ilegal porno preteen touch him. I can boys nonude preteen tell he's pale. 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Thin, cold lips pushing hard against mine, a tongue invading my mouth."Come!" he says, and pulls me from the balcony where we've been standing and into the room. Another kiss, hard, demanding. He steps back, preteen ass tgp pulling off his shirt. The rest of him is as thin and pale as his face and arms. Just as beautiful, too. The trousers follow, and he's completely naked. Mesmerized, I drop to my knees in front of his hard cock. It's a lot darker than video preteen boys the rest of him, like all the pigments have mania blue preteens gathered there. He makes a little thrust, and the head grazes my lips. I open up and let him slide inside. I can hear a sort of drumbeat in my ears, and start sucking. Red. Why red? Does little preteen pics it matter?His breathing is heavy, and I can feel his balls rising up toward his preteen thumbnail sex shaft. With a small groan he sends his sperm into my mouth, and I swallow. What am I thinking?! 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He rises up again, then lowering himself once more. preteen nubile girlies He's fucking himself on my 6 1/2 inches. I close my eyes and lose myself. He picks up the pace, and soon everything is cock and arse. Red.I start thrusting into him. My orgasm is close, and I pound preteen facial porn him hard. I cum, my preteens xxx russian whole body jerking. I feel the goosebumps, and I shoot inside black preteen gay him.He bends down, cock still inside his arse, kissing me again. He seeks downward, along the neck, kissing my shoulder. Oww! It stings.He lifts his head, and I see his white teeth and his red, red tongue. Beeep! The alarm goes off, and I wake with a violetta model preteen jerk. 9:15. I squint at the sunlight streaming through the curtains. Maybe I can ask for an extra set of curtains?I get dressed and ready for breakfast. The light seems real strong this morning. I don't have much of an appetite, either.At 10:30 my hired car is delivered. I was planning on a trip today. Over the moutains to Sao Vicente, then north-east preteen site list and round to Funchal again, but I'm so tired. Ah, preteen lsm magazin well an hour's nap will do no harm.I wake up again at 3:30. The new curtains are in place, and there's less light. Hooray for expensive hotels!It's a bit late for the trip I had in mind, but I can make it to Cabo Girao. It was foggy when I was up there last year, which isn't the best thing for visiting a vantage point high up. I preteen public nudity put euro preteen galleries on long pants, shirt, jacket, cap and sunglasses and set vintage preteen underwear off.I'm back at six, and the daylight is fading. Out on the balcony I lean way over, trying to see if he's below there. Nothing. I spend fifteen minutes demonstrating that my quitting cigarettes was an illusion, and then I preteen innocent pussy hear the door opening. A tired mug appears below me. I laugh a little. Yesterday, there was something almos supraterrestrial about him, but today he looks more preteens hardcor pics like a sleepy kid."Wake up, Little Susie! Wake up!"He topless indians preteens smiles at my attempt to sing. Nice of him; lots of other people would shudder instead. He points to my balcony, a look of inquiry on his face, and I nod.He steps preteen bbs nymphets up on the edge preteen sex pictures of the balcony. preteen harcore pics "Watch out!" I preteen sex chat try to call, but before I can make boys preteen pictures a sound, he's gliding upward through the air, landing lightly on my balcony. Not hanging by his hands, mind you, but standing on his feet. It's impossible, but there pedo girls preteen he is, landing as surely as a cat. Now he's standing here, not two feet away. The same dark eyes, black as the night.He kisses me, and I whimper softly.We have sex again. Or maybe we're making love? Something's happening to me. In any case, we take our time. It's two full hours before we get up to anything "sexual". My understanding of sex has broadened. Thankfully. In my teens, sex meant jacking, sucking and fucking. That was all I wanted from my boys. eurotic preteen pictures Now I know there's lots of ways to have sex, even though the best is with a tight bum encircling my hardness.He's the one getting that tonight. He's cum in my hand once already, so he's not hurrying. He's the first guy I've allowed to cum nonnude preteen pictures inside me. Unprotected, I forbidden preteen incest mean. I can't really feel the sperm as it flows out from him, but I get this illusion of warmth spreading. Wonderful. Red.He kisses my best nude preteens neck and shoulders, and I feel the preteens nudist sex little sting again.A week has passed, and I'm on the plane, heading back home to England. Adam is sitting next to me, reading. Oh, yes, we have talked, we didn't spend preteen boy speedos all our time fornicating. I'm preteen pictures hot in love. It's been a strange trip. Much less sun and outdoor activities than I had thought. Much less food and drink, too. But we made love all the more. In the dark. "Dark for dark deeds", preteen movie gallery I think to myself, giggling.Back home, I find I've turned into a nightperson. Good thing I'm a writer. Not a "real" writer; I write school textbooks. But I can do that at night. Some things have to be done during the day, but most of that can be arranged on the phone or via e-mail. That's how most of my nights are spent, but on some of them, I see Adam.Two more weeks have gone by, and nudist preteen galleries I'm with him. He's on his back on my bed, his legs bent and spread. He slings his feet over funny girls preteens my shoulders, and I position my cock preteen wow models outside his hole. I take plenty of time penetrating him. It's several minutes before I'm all the way in. I bend down to kiss him, and he holds on to me. Hard. 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It's an exciting position, but in the past I never could hold it for more than one minute. Now, it preteen daughter model feels like I can keep usenet preteen nudes going forever.At long nude preteen previews last, my balls scrunch up, and with a scream, I shoot my load, deep inside my love.I'm breathing normally again, and my cock is going limp inside him."Forever and naughty preteen naked ever...", I whisper."What?""Forever and ever", I pubescent preteen bbs repeat. I tell him about the dream I had for the first time on the flight to Madeira, and then almost daily since my return. It's a good dream, and as I finish telling him, he smiles widely."You're ready now", he says. "You can still turn around, you know. The weaning process will take a few months, but you can turn around. But then, you can choose to take the last step, and that will be forever."He stretches his neck, revealing naturist preteen galleries it. I've read that foxes do that, as a sign of illegal preteen topsites trust and submission. Exposing the most vulnerable part of their body, the jugular."Yes", I whisper.I bend down, and my cock almost slips out. I kiss him on the neck, and then I ilegal preteen photos bite. The teeth pierce the skin with ease, and incest illegal preteen soon the preteens in diapers blood is streaming out of him and into me. In my cock, as well. I think we'll be fucking again tonight, and it's gonna last a long time. A long time. This story is copyrighted by me, einhard. hot black preteen (c) June 2001.Any comments? You can mail preteen incest jpegs me at: illigal adult preteens nude preteens pissing
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